It’s that time of the year. That time: when we commemorate the birth of baby Jesus, when Santa comes down the chimney to give us our presents and we visit relatives to celebrate the holidays.

This means that the byGONGA crew is going to #occupycuracao this holiday season! We are not talking about making a political or social-economic statement, but rather about partying our asses off on the most epic place to party during the holidays: Curaçao. Why epic you ask? It’s a whole month of parties, BBQ’s at the beach, Fuikdag, catch firework shows and eating your mom’s stuffed bird.

With a typical December day starting at the beach, grabbing some grub at a local diner, taking a powernap in the afternoon, pre-drinking with friends, choosing which party to attend and getting some more grub at the local “Truk’i pan” or ending the night at the local Denny’s restaurant, you can’t stop and ask yourself why the hell you would want to be anywhere else in the world than on Curaçao or on any of the Caribbean islands for that matter. For most of us it is choosing between being drunk in the sun or taking a new years’ dive in ice-cold water in the Netherlands and reminiscing on why you aren’t being drunk in the sun.

Either way, keep checking the blog for further holiday updates! Don’t forget to check out our Facebook page and follow us on twitter!!  If you happen to see any byGONGA “shirts” in the streets of Curacao don’t hesitate to tweet it with #byGONGA and #OccupyCuracao ..!!